Caring for the Environment

We take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and although we have already put measures in place we know there is still more we need to do. From an early childhood I have always been taught to take care of the environment and some of what we already do happens without any need for consideration. 

  • All our toiletries are made in the UK. They do not contain any nasty parabens or microbeads and are refilled to eliminate waste product and reduce plastic recycling
  • Our bathroom glasses are not wrapped in plastic and we do not provide wrapped toiletries.
  • We do not use plastic bin liners, we simply recycle what contents we can and wash the bin with hot soapy water
  • All food waste is either composted. When bread/toast is left over from breakfast this is used to soak up the small amount of meat fat from cooking and put in the garden for the birds 
  • We do not provide single use bottled water because we have Yorkshire Water on Tap and thanks to our soda stream with its refillable gas cylinder we can provide water with bubbles too! 
  • The jam, marmalade and condiments used at breakfast are in glass jars, with metal lids and are all made in the UK. All glass jars are reused or taken to Out of the Box for their customers to reuse.
  • We support British, primarily Yorkshire brands and local businesses. We use Taylors of Harrogate for tea and coffee (North Yorkshire), Yorkshire Peanut Butter (West Yorkshire), Longley Farm Yogurts (West Yorkshire), Wensleydale Creamery butter (North Yorkshire) and Yorkshire Kippers (North Yorkshire) and the Great British Sauce Company (Manchester)
  • We do not have  a doorstep delivery service for milk but we do have The Home Farmer milk vending machine where we collect fresh local milk in glass bottles which are washed and reused over and over again 
  • We do not buy fruit or vegetables wrapped in plastic. We take our own mesh bags for collecting loose fruit and vegetables
  • Our award winning butcher is located in Richmond who happily pack our order into our own containers to transport home
  • The welcome chocolates in our bedrooms are handmade by Mocha in Richmond and are presented in cardboard boxes which are reused/recycled
  • We launder all our own towels and bedding. We sourced a large load UK manufactured A+++ washing machine to reduce wash loads and the need to transport linen to/from a laundry
  • We line dry our bed linen whenever possible 
  • All our cleaning products are environmentally friendly
  • All our lighting is LED and the hall and stairs lights are on PIR sensors so only operate when needed. This prevents having lights on unnecessarily for long periods of time